The vision of the College of Management, NSYSU, is to be one of the best academic institutions for management education in Greater China. Specifically, we want to cultivate students and practitioners with admirable business ethics, effective communication skills, good problem-solving ability, professional expertise, and global perspectives.

For further detail, please refer to the NSYSU website.

In the current, ever globalizing world, we wish our students to gain international perspectives and insights through our interactive classes. The class ratio is 2:1 of local and international students. Courses are designed around discussions, field trips, lectures, and guest speakers. Our professors come from all over the world to expose students to diverse types of classroom settings. Our all-English courses also includes an overseas exchange and internship opportunities for students to gain practical business skills and apply what they have learned in the classroom settings. Students who do go abroad will pay local tuition, but get the chance to enjoy overseas facilities and academic environments.

To reinforce our international exposure and the competitive edge we offer to our students, the College implements the following measures to  provide the best opportunities of having a global experience for our students:

  1. An AACSB Accredited Education
  2. An AAPBS Association
  3. Double-Degree Programs
  4. Exchange Programs
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