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[IMPORTANT] Credits Substitution Result (9/30 updated)

Applicant's St ID No. Courses / Credits Substitution Condition Note ( further documents required)
M014610013 AE pass 免交換通過
M034610001 E pass  
M034610002 ASE pass 國際交換抵免申請:unqualified
M034610008 ASE pass Core course僅能修習IB課程
M034610010 AE pass  
M034610011 ASE pass  
M034610012 E pass 免交換通過
M034610013 ASE pass  
M034610014 ASE pass  
M034610016 ASE pass
M034610023 ASE pass  
M034610027 E pass  
M034610028 S pass  
M034610030 AE pass Math(statistics): unqualified
M034610031 ASE pass  
M034610032 ASE pass  
M034610037 ASE pass  
M034610039 AS unqualified
M034610041 ASE pass  
**A: Accounting, S: Statistics, E: Economics
** Please come to IB office to have one copy of your application form or further information.
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